This course was developed in 2017 in collaboration with Federico Pérez Villoro. It runs in tandem with his GD for the Web class at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). This section is also in collaboration with Interactive 1 with Joanna Cheung and Interactive 1 with Max Batt.

Course Overview

This course will explore the possibilities of design online from a conceptual, historical and programmatic perspective.

We will celebrate the Internet as a space for social and creative exchange as well as medium for independent expression. However we will also question the cultural contradictions embedded in online discourse and the specious motivations of some individuals and entities behind online platforms.

Through projects, readings, workshops, and presentations we will explore the relevance of network technologies in the context of contemporary art and graphic design practices.

Students will learn basic HTML and CSS programming along with methods for conceptualizing, designing, and developing websites. Outcomes won't necessary be practical, nor pragmatically functional. Instead we will strive for a poetic understanding of design and the Internet as mediums for critical research and political action.


Learning Outcomes


Material Requirements




In-Class Activities

Mondays generally consists of any combination of the following:


Wednesdays generally consists of any combination of the following:



Letter grades represent the following:

A = excellent;
B = good;
C = satisfactory;
D = unsatisfactory;
F = failure.

A grade of C- or less is considered a failing grade for required courses within the major, and you will need to retake this course if you achieve a grade lower than a C.



Attendance is required. Students are expected to be on time and remain in class for the entire period scheduled. Work missed due to any type of absence is the student’s responsibility. Three or more absences will result in a failing grade. Three arrivals later than 15 minutes after class begins equals an absence. If you absolutely must miss class, email me in advance.


Submitting your work

Any exercise or project that you submit for grading must be uploaded to your class website before each class. Even if you are done with your work on your local computer, it will be considered late work if it is not visible on your class website.

If a project is not uploaded on time, it will be docked one letter grade per class meeting that it is late. You can resubmit your work at the end of the semester with revisions to be regraded.

At the end of the term, you will be required to send me an archival .zip file to document your projects. If you do not send me the archive, you will fail the class.

Please follow the instructions below: